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Marrakech And Alone

Have you ever travelled by yourself. If not I think its an adventure everybody should try to experience at least once in their lifetime.

I travelled to Morroco all by myself and I have to say I loved it

I have always wanted to travel on my own and experience different parts of the world! This seemed like a good place to start!

When I arrived at the airport I went to find a taxi, I ended up sharing the taxi (quite risky) however we made friends he was a local, and in fact the manager of a riad that was not too far from the riad I was staying in.

He was kind enough to give me lots of tips of the good reasonably priced food places to go to as well as where to visit.

I have to admit at some points I was scared whilst being alone out in Marrakech, I had to be very careful as I was a female by myself, but it instilled a sense of extra awareness and villigance in me that I feel is good for growth.

Look at the authentic beauty and culture

Loved the olives lool

Made some new friends

Held a monkey for the first time.

Travelled to the old town, ate the traditional cusuine

Funnily enough when I got back to the UK is when I unfortunately was stopped by enforcement officers asking a lot of questions about my trip and why i was alone and who searched my bags. Quite infuriating at the time. Apparently it's a crime to be by yourself. But that's a story for another time.

Overall I enjoyed my lone ranger trip to Morocco, I got to experience some of the food and culture and would definitely go there again and recommend it to anyone else thinking about going there.

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