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Things I'd Tell The Younger Me

From being TOLD many things over the years and TELLING myself many things over the years, from different experiences, joys, hurtful times, pains, ups and downs, I now am at a stage where I can stop and think, hold on, this should have been that, and that should have been this.. these are the things I would tell my younger self.... If only i knew then what I know now..

Picture was taken 5 years ago this month

I want to try and do it using the alphabet and alliteration, just because I'm weird like that lol

A- Appreciate yourself!

People will be people, leave them and their thoughts to them! The only person's thoughts about you that count are your own. Don't undervalue yourself because of others. Appreciate and accept your whole being

B- Believe in your dreams!

Believe in your dreams , it goes in line with believing in yourself and the fact that you are capable of doing anything your heart desires. Always go with your passions, never doubt yourself and ask yourself if it's realistic or not.

C- Cater to your mental well being!

Your mind is just as important as your exterior, if not more! What is produced on the inside will show on the outside and everything you do. Your mentality is a beautiful thing that will dictate many things you do in life and how you behave. Read books, study, experience different things, pray as often as you can. This is your beauty. Beauty does not exclude the mind.

D - Defy and define labels and stereotypes!

Negative labels will exist and stereotypes will exist. Let them be. Don't allow them to change your perception of who you are or what you could be. You defy negative labels, go against the grain, be different, be greater and define yourself for you

E - Expect some people to be horrible or negative. but don't change because of them !

Expect some people to be Debbie downers, bullies or just horrible people. But never accept it no one ever has the right to make you feel low or horrible about yourself. If you accept their negative vibes, attitude and behaviour, you may find your state of mind begins to change for the worse.

F - Focus on what makes you happy!

Your happiness is one of the most important things you should truly focus on. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to feel good. People have their own definition of happy. But whatever makes YOU happy.... DO THAT! No matter how different or weird it may be to others.

G - Grow in to yourself daily!

There is no rush! Enjoy childhood, enjoy being a teenager, enjoy being a young adult. Take each day in your stride, yeah sometimes you will make mistakes but you grow by learning from them

H - How you see yourself matters

As you become more clear about who you are, you'll make better decisions for yourself. The more you grow to love your mind and body, the more inclined you will be to treat yourself better. When you see yourself in a negative way, that is when you drown in self pity and complacency. Know that there is nothing about you that you need to pity.

I - It's ok to be your weird self!

Forget what seems to be deemed as cool. What's actually cool is being yourself, no matter how weird others may think you are. Let go of the desire of wanting to fit in. Or thinking you need to fit in. Be unique, be you.

J - Just be you!

I can't reiterate this enough. As you evolve and change through the years always remain you.

K - Keep on keeping on!

Some days will seem like a struggle but don't ever give up. Keep pushing, slow progress is better than no progress. If you give up, who knows where you could be!

L - Living starts with loving yourself!

When you learn to love yourself is when you will begin to live your best life. You are delaying your progress by not loving yourself first and foremost.

M - Motivation is key to your progress.

O - Others are going through what you are going through.

Just know that you are not alone. You're not strange for feeling how you feel or thinking what you think, and neither are you the only one feeling or thinking this way. Take comfort in the fact that there is always another day to start again.

P - Pearl in disguise.

You are a pearl in disguise, you may not see it now but you are in a stage where you are still trapped in your shell. Remember the story of the ugly duckling!!

Q - Queen to be!

You will grow as a woman and you will reach goals and see your visions become a reality. You may not yet fathom it, but you are a queen.

R - Respect your ways.

Never reduce yourself and your value for anyone, male and female alike. Never do anything you do not feel comfortable doing or that is not in you or usually like you. You are better off standing alone than with the crowd. Respect your ways and how you want to do things.

S - Stop putting yourself down!

How dare you put your wonderful self down. Unlearn that behaviour. You must always uplift yourself even if others don't. Sometimes the only good things you may hear about you, is what you tell yourself and that's fine! Just watch what you're saying.

T - There's nothing wrong with you!

Actually contrary to your belief, there is nothing wrong with you. I hope you realise every part of you from the roots of your hair to your toes is beautiful.

U - Ugly is as Ugly does. You are in fact Unique!

Always remember that those who call you ugly or judge you for being different are the true ugly people. Ugly is as ugly does, so I guess you're ugly too. In fact I am unique!

V - Value all that you are.

Place value on yourself. Because you are precious, do not allow yourself to get use to being treated anyhow by anyone.

W - Walk with purpose.

Be someone who walks with purpose. Let purpose lead all that you do. Let purpose direct you and open doors for you.

X - XX Chromosome

You were born great, you are female. Embrace it!

Y - Younger you.

Now that you may be older, be who you needed when you were younger. Positive role models are powerful!

Z- ZZZzzzz you may have fallen asleep by now... I'll no longer bore you... Mwah x


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