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Accepting Who You Are

Accepting Who You Are

I must place alot of emphasis on this. As cliche as it may be,

Once you accept who you truly are, no one can use your flaws against you!

Only you can define yourself. We all have flaws, but we can also work our flaws out!

I believe plus modelling has really helped me with self acceptance.

When I began curve modelling, the first hurdle I had to overcome was undeniably accepting who I was and how I was, flaws and all . Just being unapologetically me. Loving my size and my body and knowing that actually I can do this, and that I need not to doubt myself.

I think confidence is something you have to work on daily. In life you're going to get knocked down and you're going to hear negative comments, but you just have to keep on pushing and continue jumping those hurdles you face, and you WILL jump those hurdles, no matter how high they may seem, as long as you know your purpose and what you have set out to do.

I remember one time I was at a photo shoot and I was the only plus model there, the other girls were straight size models. And whilst shooting the photographer said to me, " Don't you worry I can make you smaller".

I remember saying,

"Don't you dare! This is my size , I am proud of my size,"

The fact the photographer would even address my difference as though it was a negative, the fact that he wanted to manipulate my image to achieve a look that he deemed to be acceptable, was such a shame. But it also showed me more, how it's so important to embrace who you are, and not let others use your uniqueness against you..

I am unapologetically me and I love what makes me different...

As a plus size model, a plus size woman, I truly believe that all women should embrace themselves by catering to their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I am genuinely so proud to be curvy/plus. It's a part of my identity that I must accept. I accept my body and believe others should also, whatever their size.

I think self confidence is a daily progress. You have to decide to love yourself on purpose. It's not just one specific thing that gives you confidence but a combination of actions. Such as affirmations!

I think you have to know that you are not perfect and that infact is what makes you perfect, because you are uniquely you!

You have to force yourself to embrace the whole of who you are inside and out.. apply the fake it till you make it attitude.. I think that's what helped me.. it's still a daily progress like I say .. but confidence comes from self .. we can't base our confidence on what others think of us.

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