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Women Are Beautiful at Any Size. So Why Is the label Plus Size offensive?

I personally find the questions played out; Do you find the phrase Plus size offensive? Do you have an issue with the term/label plus size?

I don't think the issue should be with the term plus size. The label should not be, cannot be, and is not, the be all and end all. The term is not the most important thing, neither should it be disregarded.

Infact I think the phrase, or shall I say the title, plus size or curve model gives other females in society specific role models they can relate with.

"Plus Size And Proud". I will continue to say this,

I am plus size and proud. Or if you prefer the term curvy then that's also fine. Be Proud! What ever body shape you are, be proud!

Plus size is a term used in the modelling industry, that's where I first heard of it.

I understand why the term is used in the modelling industry, and label or not, regardless of size, the model is still a model.

The term "plus size" does not define who I am as a person. The issue lies in the negative connotations that some place on the title.

So I think it's up to the models who are in the category of plus size, to become role models, and just promote a positive, confident, healthy, body image.

Health is wealth, so I just think we have to be aware of promoting a healthy body image and this is when it comes to being any size. Let's not focus so much on the term plus size, but rather those who can relate to us and are inspired.

This isn't about segregation either, if anything I think the title just shows even more that all women are beautiful. And I hope the industry continues to break boundaries and grow showing that there is not one type of beauty.

A label doesnt define you, its simply a description, a characterization. You choose how you want to live out that label. You characterize that characterization!

For me the term plus size means, Powerful, Beautiful, Strong, Bold!

I've always been a firm believer that to obtain full body confidence, one must first achieve mind confidence. A positive body image starts from embracing yourself within. Embracing yourself at any size, is a learning curve. Instead of dwelling on the things I cannot change, I remind myself of my favourite things about myself. You have to tell yourself what you love about yourself, positive self affirmations, words carry life and power.

As women we should be a collective. Women should celebrate each other as a whole.

As women we should stand up and express who we really are and what we truly believe in. There are many different labels, but as women we need to all agree that the baseline definition should be positive, encouraging and supportive of each other, despite our differences.

I'm a fan of this current body-positive environment that is happening right now. So many women inspiring each other, every day.

The female body is so beautiful but all too often critiqued. Ladies, we need to own our bodies!

In raising up curvier women, lets not tear down slimmer women. In admiring slimmer women, lets not knock down bigger women. Plus size women. All women are real women.

There will forever be labels, as women we can not live up to others definition's of us. We must create our own defining moments and meanings. Plus Size is Beautiful. Smaller Sizes are beautiful. Women Are Beautiful at Any Size.

Labels aside, Lets embrace who we are once and for all no matter our size.

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