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Embracing colour diversity in the fashion and beauty Industry

Absolutely loved the mannequins out here in Mango stores during my stay in Lagos, Nigeria for Plus Size Fashion Week Africa... Diversity at its finest!

There has been a recent influx of colour diversity accross the board in the fashion and beauty industry, from the use of models of colour on the catwalk in NYFW and Rihanna's recent release of Foundation shades for all skin colours. Which I am excited to try out.

The need for diversity amongst these industries is more than just a phase or a trend.

I believe it is becoming ever so apparent that inclusion is so important and necessary for all members of society. The fashion and beauty industries seem to be embracing the option to have diverse products as part of their brands and diverse models in their magazines and on their catwalk.

Not just diversity in size, but diversity in race too.

Im a fan of all things that personify difference. The abstraction of diversity is oh so vibrant to me. Diversity encompasses acceptance, respect and relatability. Inclusion of all things diverse carries so much weight as it shows understanding that each individual is unique and recognizes our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, age and size.

It is the exploration of these differences that enable others to understand each other and to also feel comfortable for who they are as well. Diversity needs to be more than simply tolerated. It must be truly embraced and celebrated. There are rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

Here's to more diversity!

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