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Natural Hair I No Longer Care!

The first day I left my hair out after like 10 years of constant weaves and braids was in 2015!

Many interesting topics of conversation had been taking place about Black females & loving our natural selves, i.e. loving ourselves in our natural state. When I left my natural hair out for the first time in almost 10yrs that is when I realised that I actually wasn't as comfortable with myself as I originally thought. Infact I was actually more comfortable with different kinds of Weave & Makeup. When I first started leaving my hair out, I had to pluck up the courage to actually just go about life with my own hair! Can you imagine?! I was nervous to show my OWN hair & I hadn't realized that I had gotten to this stage. But as the days of having my own hair out went on, I realised how free I felt and how refreshing it was , Not just for others, but for myself. "Like, this was me, no extensions, no weave ,my own God given hair! Take it or Leave it!"

I remember an instance when my natural hair was out and another black female said to me "You're lucky you can get away with that, I'd look ugly with my own hair!"

It's sad to think that some of us feel we would look ugly with our OWN hair! Unfortunately I feel a lot of us black females have gotten to a stage where it seems that it is better to just wear weave & wearing weave is infact more beautiful.

I remember whenever I would hear a man say "you black girls just want to be like white women", I would be the first to speak up "I don't NEED no European or Asian woman's processed hair"

But how wrong was I!! Because when push came to shove, I actually wasn't comfortable with leaving my hair out.

Eurocentric beauty standards are not the only standard of beauty. Your beauty is also beautiful!!

I think as black females we need to know that our own hair is beautiful, magical even. Even if your hair is at a stage where it's in a bad condition, take the necessary steps to get it to a healthy state! There is no such thing as "bad hair", we were not born with bad hair. I would love for us to be able to appreciate ourselves in our rawness, however it isn't so easy, it comes in stages.

This doesn't go just for hair, but when it comes to make up too. If we have problematic skin, again I think we should take the necessary steps to improve it, hiding under weave & makeup should not be our way forward! (again another journey/process)!

Disclaimer: I'm not sayin we shouldn't wear weave or makeup, hell I'm thinking of the frontal & weave I want to wear for my next birthday. But I think for those of us who have become so reliant on it, we need to be able to go back to basics & be comfortable in that form too!


I have experienced women of different nationalities say "Why do we put other hair on top of our own hair?" I would usually respond with, "other ethnic groups wear weave too!"

To then be given the response "Yeah because it actually blends in with our actual hair."

(Lol) This also gave me understanding from a different angle. We have completely changed our hair type from how it would look like underneath. Raw and real.! There have been many a time in my modelling journey, that I would find myself asking "whether I will be accepted with my hair out when it comes to castings". And I would never shoot with my natural hair, because I would question whether it was suitable?! But this had to change. And I finally I began doing photoshoots with my natural hair. I am embracing me and whats mine!

Ladies remember you are more than your hair, but your hair is also your crown and the main goal is to embrace our natural hair without being afraid to show it.

Our hair is our God given crown. Our hair defies gravity, how magical is that!!!

After hiding my hair under weaves for a good 10 years, I decided to start looking after my hair. I started with Shea moisture products. Best decision I made for me and my hair.. Now I have the confidence to show my natural curls.

I love this image my

friend sent this to me

saying it reminded her of me.

At first, my friend had to help build up my confidence in my own hair she was the one who introduced me to Shea moisture products, as she had been using the retention shampoo and restoration conditioner for a while and as a result had grown to love her own hair. Having a good hair routine is an important part of the journey to embracing you and what's yours.

Using shea moisture was the necessary step I needed to take to not only get my hair to a healthy state but to be confident in showing my own Natural Curls and cherishing my texture and how I could manipulate it!

I am also extremely blessed to have a loving partner who continuously encourages me to wear my natural hair!

Just enjoy the process

But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

1 Corinthians 11 v 15

I now sometimes find myself just singing "Just let your soul Glo🎶"... HAHA, ESPECIALLY WHEN I FIND A GOOD CURL DEFINING GEL.... COME THROUGH JHERI CURLS!!

If you're like me and struggled or struggle to figure out what your curl pattern is lol! see the image below! Seems I'm 3C, 4A & 4C..... Yes your hair can be a mixture of different curl patterns! If you know your curl pattern it helps towards knowing how to look after YOUR hair best!

My Natural Hair Box

I also now get monthly subscription boxes from Treasure Tress !!

I was so excited when I received my first @treasuretress box.

The amazing founder of this wonderful company. @Jameliaisobsessed literally has created and brought to life an innovative idea and way forward to the natural hair movement! It really feels like you've found TREASURE!

I love the concept behind this. Helping black women to embrace their natural God given tresses. And enabling them with the means to help their natural hair flourish, in a fun and exciting way! And its so worth it!

I am so excited to start this journey. I wonder what is to be discovered in my next treasure tress box!

Make sure you subscribe to your @treasuretress boxes!!

I'm literally going to end up needing a room just for my natural hair products at this rate!!! Lool

Hmmn... that's not a bad idea actually!!

I love to experiment with different hair concoctions like onion juice!! YES I SAID IT.. ONION JUICE LOL. Onions contain properties that aid with hair growth. But like everything in life. Consistency and balance are the keys!

I Love products that have no sulfates, silicones or parabens!

Currently one of my favourite products to use at the moment are the Mane Choice products

Regardless, of if I wear my hair natural or I wear extensions it's all just a way to express myself!!!

Fundamentally it is about healthy hair and caring for your scalp. No matter your hair type/pattern. Cherish whats yours!

There is nothing to be ashamed of! You need not be afraid to show it. Times are changing, we are embracing whats ours. Nobody can dictate to us what beauty is!

Love this amazing creative piece of artwork

revolving around Natural Hair and the

textured material that was used for it.

Art by Maya Myles

Some useful natural hair tips

Some of my favourite natural hair memes that I relate to.

#NaturalHair #Naturalista #Puffs #Pineapple #Curls #CurlPattern #crown #embracingyou

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