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Olakemi 27, was born in London, England. She first started her journey 4 years ago when she was scouted by a popular curve modelling competition, making it to the final 5, after being judged by a panel of industry professionals.  She has worked in numerous areas of the fashion industry including editorial, catalogue, runway and commercial. 

In January 2017, she founded and starred in The Plus Is Diverse campaign. #PlusisDiverse celebrates different  racial/ethnic plus size women from different backgrounds with different stories who all still relate. As a black woman who is also plus sized, Olakemi’s views are that there are not enough darker skinned plus size models that black girls/women can also relate to. "Women need to be able to relate to the model - how can you envisage yourself in an item of clothing if you can't even slightly relate to the model wearing them." This is wahat also partially led Olakemi to creating and starting the campaign, Plus Is Diverse.

You can see the Plus Is Diverse mini docufilm and other campaign ads on Olakemi’s Plus is diverse YouTube platform,  as well as imagery and outside support on Olakemi’s social media platforms. 

Olakemi is an advocate for diversity amongst the plus size industry and believe’s that many different flowers make a bouquet and that everyone should be recognised and celebrated equally. She aim's to inspire everyone in knowing that they should feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they are, from the inside out. Mind, body and soul. 

Olakemi has grown to see modelling as more than just taking pictures but being a purposeful pursuit. Not just a model, but a role model. 

As a body activist for body confidence amongst females, she hold's on to the belief that everyone has a purpose in life that they must pursue. Olakemi has created  Purposeful Pursuit the model and motivation masterclass, which will be up and running in the new year. These classes are for any female who want to build their confidence, not just for modelling, modelling is a great tool to help females with confidence.

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A popular quote by Olakemi is that;

To achieve full body confidence, 

One must first build mind confidence.   -Olakemi 

Olakemi has featured on British Vogue, Pride Magazine, Curva Mag, Plus Model Mag USA,  The Daily Mail, The Sun,  Verywell magazine and more.  

Olakemi was in the first ever Plus Size Fashion Week Africa in Africa and has also walked the runway for UK Plus Size Fashion Week and continues to push for diversity among Plus Size Women.

Olakemi was a finalist in Miss Nigeria UK 2014. She was Spotlight Model of the year for Plus Model Magazine USA.She was also nominated for Best Plus Size Model for British Plus Size Awards in 2016.

She also produced  #PlusisDiverse t-shirts which have been very popular internationally and things are also in the pipeline as she creates new lingerie line for women. The Olakemi website is the offiicial website for her modelling. As well as empowerment, fashion and lifestyle for women. Offering personal insights, tips and more.

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