Purpose purpose purpose... A purpose driven life has become so much more apparent and important to me. It's what led me to where I am to today, my outlook on life, my motivation, my vision! Without purpose, I find that you lack direction... or you are moving without a destination in mind. I fear movement without productivity. I realised movement doesn't equate to progress! And we all know we can be busy doing nothing! Oh Procrastination how I hate you! And I got to a stage of my life when there was no longer even any movement! This was a stage of wilderness for me. A shifting had to take place for me to rid of things that were leading me no where. Losses had to happen for me to seek and find... and change had to occur for me to adapt!

I once heard this analogy which has always stuck in my head. Sometimes a ball has to hit rock bottom so hard so that the bounce back will be amazing.. And I Thank God.. because I plan to soar!

It Is during this wilderness stage I decided that enough was enough and really began to push my plus size modelling career.. I had heard “You have so much potential” so many times.

But what's the point of sitting on potential and not using it!

I became very aware of this and knew I needed to reorient my mind and my actions.

You must live your life on purpose. Everything must have a purpose! God did not put us on this earth to not have a purpose, he did not give us talents for us to not use them!

God uses your purpose for your platform!

You've heard of going nowhere fast.. well I felt like I was going no where slowly.. and I had enough! Things in life aren't always going to go according to plan, everything doesn't always run as smoothly as we want it to, but once you know you have a purpose, you know you must continue, pushing, persevering, walking!

With all that's been said , I chose to Walk with Purpose!


#walk #purpose #olakemi

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